We can provide all the computer services that you need in your home. We can promptly remove virus or malware infections (and we provide free antispyware / antivirus software to help prevent future infections), set up your home network, set up a backup system, upgrade hardware, install software or setup a new computer with optimal settings.

We also make housecalls, which means that you don't have to worry about getting your computer back after waiting several days, and not have it work properly. It also allows you to be sure that your computer data is being preserved. Too often, people have dropped off their computer for repair or virus removal, and when they get it back all of their data is gone. Stores will invest only a limited amount of time to remove infections, especially with flat rate pricing. After that, it becomes unprofitable, so the store will simply erase the computer and reinstall Windows. If you are going to allow a store to repair your computer out of your sight, be sure to get it in writing that they will preserve your data.

If you think your computer may have an infection, please check out our list of Malware Examples