Examples of Infectious Malware

Here are examples of some common infections. It is not all of them, as new ones come out all the time, and older ones are updated. If you find your problem listed here, then you know you have an infection. If yours is not listed here, but you have trouble getting to the internet, or you have "pop-ups" that say your computer is infected, and then try to sell you a program, then you probably are infected -- these programs ARE the infection! Most of these infections will also disable any anti-virus / anti-malware software on your computer. If you have one infection, it is very likely that you have many other infections on your computer.

You should never purchase the malware program. At best, you will waste your money and download a program that does nothing. At worst, you will have given your credit card information to a scammer, may have installed a program that will capture passwords and bank account information, and possibly end up being an identity theft victim.


If you are infected, CALL US to clean up your computer. We can also install anti-virus / anti-malware software to help prevent future infections.

Anti Malware Doctor




CleanUp Antivirus


Dr. Guard

Malware Bell

PC Defender


Personal Anti Malware


Security Essentials 2010



Smart Security


Virus Protector



Win7 Internet Security
aka Win7 Guardian, Win 7 AntiVirus Pro, Win 7 AntiSpyware 2010, Win 7 Internet Security, Win 7 Internet Security 2010



Security Antivirus


Advanced Defender

SecurePC AV

Your PC Protector

Guard WWW

AntiVirus Soft


AntiMalware Defender


XP Internet Security 2010
aka XP Guardian, XP Antivirus Pro, XP AntiSpyware 2010, XP Internet Security,AntiVirus XP 2010

Vista Guardian
aka AntiVirus Vista 2010, Vista AntiSpyware 2010, Vista AntiVirus Pro, Vista Internet Security, Vista Internet Security 2010