Remote Support  Remote assistance & support for fast problem resolution! (For your security, each session can only be initiated by you. You see everything being done on your screen, and are in complete control. When the session ends, the program removes itself from memory and access to your system is impossible by anyone.)
PDF Printer  Print your documents to a PDF document file - excellent for saving copies of web pages (free)
AVG AntiVirus/Antispyware  Effective and unintrusive (free version for home use)
Open Office  Microsoft Office compatible replacements for Word, Excel, Powerpoint (free)
  Image/photo software, better than most commercial software (free)
Picasa  Easy-to-use picture program to edit, organize, create collages & web albums (free)
Firefox  An alternative to Internet Explorer with more secure features (free)
Sticky Notes  Just like paper stickies but better! Notes can be hidden, have alarms, recurring reminders, networked, etc. (free)
Macrium Reflect Free  An excellent image backup program (free for home use)
7-Zip  File archiver (compresses/decompresses) that handles a large number of formats including Zip, RAR, many others (free)