Small business owners need cost-effective solutions from a company that understands their business, and the technology behind it. They need a company that will make them a priority, not just an afterthought.

At A+ Computer Services, we're interested in more than just the technology that runs your company. We learn about your present needs, and where you want to go. Our services are aimed at facilitating these goals, while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. Technology is at its best when it is utilized in a way that meets today's needs and future goals..

Our customers know this from their experience with us. Thats why they consider us more than just an outside vendor. We are part of their of their team.

Here are some of the ways we can benefit your company:

Remote Support allows us to fix your problem quickly and inexpensively, often before the end of your telephone call to us.
Automated Functions can do backups and other maintenance during the night without depending on employees to find time.
After-Hours Maintenance can be done when your office is closed, so your employees can work uninterrupted during the day.
"No Downtime Configuration", for companies that need it, can be set up so that if your server goes down, you can be up and running within 5 minutes ... without a technician! It's simple and inexpensive. Ask us about it.

Give us a call so we can show you how our personalized service may be the best you have ever experienced and can help your company run smoother.